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Ask the President: Services for Autism - St Louis, Arkansas, and more!

Posted by Thrive Autism Solutions on Jan 10, 2018, 3:00:00 PM

Philip Abbenhaus - President and CFO of Thrive Autism SolutionsMr. Abbenhaus is a twenty year finance, operations, and accounting professional, specializing in executive management, capital formation, IT, internal financial reporting and compliance, and implementing complex corporate strategies. Mr. Abbenhaus has served as President or CFO for 6 different companies in the Healthcare, Professional Services, Information Technology, and Telecommunications industries. Mr. Abbenhaus has closed over $500 million in public capital transactions, secured venture capital funding for three separate start-ups, and acquired or merged four different companies. Mr. Abbenhaus lives in St Louis with his wife and four children.

He is currently President and CFO of Thrive Autism Solutions. Thrive applies evidence-based therapy for families and children with autism. We have multiple locations providing ABA therapy - northwest arkansas, St Louis MO, and more!

What’s something your agency has done or accomplished recently that you are proud of? We just completed our second CARF review and received no recommendations for the second time, a feat our reviewer said happens about only 1% of the time!

Want to learn more about ABA Therapy? Follow this link.

What’s an interesting fact about your organization that people may not know? Thrive is the largest ABA provider in Arkansas and one of the largest in Missouri.

Do you have any advice for new organizations or leaders? Welcome to the roller coaster! Focus on streamlining back office operations by leveraging technology. Automate and collect all the treatment plan data you can. Treat your clinical staff like the champions they are. They have an extremely difficult job.

Thrive Autism Solutions is a member of CASP - the Council of Autism Service Providers

The Council of Autism Service Providers is a non-profit association of for-profit and not-for-profit agencies serving individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

Complete the following sentence. We joined CASP... ...because the work we providers do is so critical to our clients and their families. The provider network needs to be unified and organized to ensure the services we provide are accessible to those who need it and properly valued by payer sources. CASP is an excellent platform to accomplish this.

Thrive Autism Solutions is CARF accredited

The relationships we have made transcend just our workplaces. It is really great to have access to people in similar roles to collaborate with.

Thrive Autism Solutions is the first agency in the South to be CARF-accredited for its autism programs. Whether in Missouri or Arkansas autism services are provided by Thrive to multiple local communities.


Learn more about the services we offer at Thrive.