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Does Insurance Cover Autism Therapies?

Posted by Thrive Autism Solutions on Dec 14, 2016 10:16:00 AM



 The answer to this question is of course… it depends.  Over the past 15 years, many changes have occurred around insurance coverage for children with autism at both the state and federal levels.  There are so many variables at play; specific questions about coverage must be answered on an individual case basis.  The first task would be to call your insurance company and ask about whether your plan covers the specific therapy you are interested in.  If you feel that your coverage is not adequate, you can dig further to understand state and federal laws and how they would apply in your case.   The resources provided below would be great starting places for understanding your unique circumstances.

Check out our Services page for a list of the insurance that Thrive accepts.

At each of our offices at Thrive in Missouri and Arkansas, we are more than willing to help families understand their insurance policies and choices related to ABA therapy.  Please contact us and let us help you with the tedious task of gathering all the pertinent health insurance information.

Related Resources

Autism Speaks | State Initiatives

Autism Speaks summarizes insurance law in each state using an interactive map.

 NAIC | State Map

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners provides contact details for the insurance commissioner in each state.

 Autism Speaks | Self-Funded Employer Tool Kit

This tool kit by Autism Speaks provides some great details about approaching your employer if your insurance policy is self-funded.  A self-funded policy is one sponsored by an employer. 

 Autism Speaks | Autism Response Team

This is an Autism Speaks service that includes informative links and phone contact details for families looking for help and direction with understanding an autism diagnosis and finding support including therapies.

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