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The Importance of Early Intervention for Autism

Posted by Thrive Autism Solutions on Jan 4, 2017 9:09:00 AM

The importance of early intervention for autism! 


Behavioral interventions have proven useful in teaching a wide variety of skills in children and adults alike.  Perhaps one of the most documented groups of people to benefit from ABA therapy has been young children with autism spectrum disorders.  The quote below from the 2007 article in the Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics summarizes those outcomes:


“The effectiveness of ABA-based intervention in ASDs has been well documented through 5 decades of research by using single-subject methodology and in controlled studies of comprehensive early intensive behavioral autism intervention programs in university and community settings.  Children who receive early intensive behavioral treatment have been shown to make substantial, sustained gains in IQ, language, academic performance, and adaptive behavior as well as some measures of social behavior, and their outcomes have been significantly better than those of children in control groups. “

Children as young as 18 months old have been observed to benefit from intensive early intervention training using behavior therapy.  We won’t sugar coat it; the investment of time and effort are great.  Comprehensive therapy involves 30- 40 hours per week of instruction.  Best outcomes involve active participation and collaboration with parents and other key members of the child’s family and community.   As the adults around the child come together to teach them and respond in an organized way, the child begins to learn and achieve.  Techniques are adjusted over time depending on the child’s response and progress.  Analysis of data allows us to make those unique decisions. 

We work with children and teenagers with differing abilities and struggles.  Any time we are in the position to help a child learn and grow, we count ourselves as fortunate.  Happily, we find ourselves in that position every day!  Our vision is that we will set a national standard for autism services so that parents no longer turn in desperation toward unproven, expensive and sometimes dangerous therapies to help their children.  Check out the National Standards Project link below to find out more about effective treatment of individuals with ASD. 

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