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What is CARF Accreditation and Why is Accreditation Important?

Posted by Thrive Autism Solutions on Jun 4, 2018, 3:00:00 PM
What is CARF accredidation and why is it important?

CARF is the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, which means that they are in charge of ensuring that the health and human service companies you use for personal and family services are going to provide you the highest standard of care possible.

CARF and the organizations that have earned accreditation believe you deserve quality services, and that you should not only be fully informed about those services, but also have a choice in how those services are carried out.

What is CARF accreditation?It’s sort of like choosing a store to purchase your groceries. There might be two stores that are an equal distance from your house with comparable prices and products, but you always choose the same one to do your shopping and never choose the second option. Probably because the produce is higher quality, the staff truly care about your experience while you’re there, and you have more choice in your shopping experience. You leave the store feeling satisfied with your choice and that is exactly how CARF wants you to feel when you choose an organization that has received their accreditation.

At Thrive Autism Solutions, we want you to be comfortable in choosing us to serve your family, so we have gone through the accreditation process, and continue to meet CARF’s standards every year we serve you.

Here is what that process looks like…

  • We conduct a self-evaluation to ensure we were truly holding our organization to the standards we believe in.
  • We ask CARF to send in their team of experts to observe the quality of our treatments for themselves and make sure we match their organization's standards.
  • Our organization’s strengths were so high at this point that we received accreditation from CARF, but we are always committed to improving our services so…
  • CARF sent us some areas we could improve in to better serve you and your family, and we designed a “Quality Improvement Plan” to ensure we continue to provide the services your family deserves.
  • As we continue to grow and improve as an organization CARF will continue to monitor our progress and ensure we are and continue to be the best service provider for you and your family.

CARF is a vital piece to organizations like ours. While we are focused on providing you and your family with the highest quality services, CARF is there for our organization to give us the outside support we need to improve. They provide education and training to organizations that need help reaching accreditation, and have a great team of surveyors who are able to give a professional viewpoint that the organization's professionals might not have seen from an inside view.

If you want more information about CARF, or feel like you have input that could make their services better, you can visit the CARF surveyor website at http://www.carf.org/home/ for more information.

Additional Information

In addition to being accredited with CARF, Thrive Autism Solutions also works to stay current in the field by being involved with ArkABA, the Arkansas Association for Behavior Analysis.

Thrive's Behavior Analysts are overseen by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

Learn more about the services we offer at Thrive.

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